Two MILFs Take A Shower

Want to know more about Karen and Leigh? Want to know ‘What Happened Next’? We kept our cameras rolling and filmed the two MILFs taking a shower together…

It’s a funny thing about filming two MILFs, whilst you juggle quiz questions and bowls of custard, it’s hard to concentrate on some of the more important details. Like… oh, I don’t know… making sure that Leigh (that’s her with the huge boobs) ends up losing her top before the last bowl of custard is poured!

But panic-not custard fans. After Karen and Leigh climbed out of the bath, we kept those cameras rolling… long after Leigh lost her top!

And whilst the two girls sponged each other down, we took the opportunity to find out more about these two gunge-girl veterans. Like, can Karen can sing? (Spoiler: she can’t). Did being covered in custard bring back fond memories? And what’s the maximum number of girls ever had in one shoot (…you’ll be amazed).

Find out everything in this video,
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