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The Vote – Lucy Zara Vs. Sammie BSunday, September 11, 2016



We got in touch with both Sammie and Lucy having not seen them for quite a while. We hadn’t seen them for ages in fact, and figured our viewership would enjoy the chance to decide who they got to see slimed.

They both stopped by and made their video pleas, and a week later swung by the studio again for the verdict. Sammie and Lucy had already known each other for a few years from the modeling circuit in the UK, and it became quite a grudge match!

The two girls are the opposite ends of the hot spectrum–both very lovely ladies. Sammie with her dark hair and curves is a English Rose. Lucy with her blonde hair and blue eyes is classic English Glamour Model.

Both chose to show up in their low cut summer dresses, we suspect they were both trying to sway things if it came down to a tie break and the camera guys had the final vote.

It went to the wire with Sammie shaving her way in with the win, leaving poor Lucy pouting her way into the chair to face the green and yellow slime!




















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OYH SammyTuesday, April 14, 2009

Since Sammy avoided the slime in the last vote, we invited her over to play OYH. A little mix up* with calenders caused Lucy to turn up at the Area 51 studios just in time to help**.  The video is now available for members to download!

*Honest mistake Sammy, we promise.
** Really Sammy, honest mistake…

You can find more Lucy at her own site:

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The story of PT.2Friday, December 5, 2008

The Lucy Zara Period.

As mentioned in the last part of the story so far, the first model I contacted was indeed Lucy Zara.  She was curious about the material and thought it would be much fun, and also suggested a studio with enough room and a cool owner that we could shoot at.  I have to admit, i was nervous as hell!  I was walking in with limited knowledge and equipment to work with one of the most successful models in the industry, most notably i think with Playboy.  And there was me and my little toy camera and an idea.

Lucy was just nowhere near as intimidating as i expected.  Certainly she has a huge aura (I hate that word but it is the best description!) of sexuality.  It’s hard to describe the way she fills a room with her presence.  Yet she also turned out to be very normal and friendly and helpful, not an ounce of snobbery in the girl.  The picture sets from the day were the first of to bring enough members in up to make it viable to work as a business, to pay for it’s material, and generate enough to put towards investing in equipment.

More importantly the picture sets featured Lucy pouting and oozing sexuality while taking a pie in the face and more importantly… after being pied and playing around she still carried it off.

Next:  We step up the quality to match the models!

You can find more Lucy at her own site:

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The story of PT.1Monday, November 24, 2008

I have been meaning to do this for some time. is now entering it’s 6th year of operation and there is a story to be told, and stories within the story, some personal anecdotes related to the site, some questions i am often asked answered and hopefully an insight into what goes on behind the scenes.

So, where do we begin?

At the beginning!


Back in 2003 i was dating a young model and hadn’t even considered what the future would bring.  I was working in an independent store with no career path in store apart from a band i was in and playing the drums for… and that’s rarely a career although at the time we were doing very well.

I had just obtained a computer and was geeking out in quit a big way, i understood communication was moving on in a big way… although my understanding was really through music, i knew a whole world was opening up and independence for artist was on the horizon once more… and the monolithic record companies would start to lose their grip on the good hard working bands and have to pimp out the Brittney Spears types harder and harder to make money from people that didn’t really pay attention t god music and just bought what was spoon fed.

Did i mention i have a Punk Rock DIY ethic running through me?  😉

So anyway, i didn’t equate this quite to all media although i understood the tools for many different outlets were going to become available to us, the masses.

So Emma wanted a site for her model portfolio and i wanted to learn how to build a website… i knew it was going to be a skill useful in the future.  She was also doing a lot of fetish modeling at the time and i was accompanying her to shoots with photographers she hadn’t worked with before.  Being the inquisitive soul i am i asked a lot of questions about what they were doing and how the photography side worked… photography had always been something i had been interested in and well, always thought it was well above my learning… but i learnt.

So came the discussion that gave birth to we figured we could do this, we just needed a fetish as yet unexplored on the net.  Messy was being done, but not the english way and coming across a copy of “Splosh” magazine in Soho, London one evening while researching gave us the lightbulb above our heads… thus was born.

The first set we shot went up on before the site was released and gave us a lot of interest… then we set up our business and credit card system and launched the members area.  It went very well up until Emma and i split up a few months later, and at the same time, our first cheque arrived.

I sat and debated what to do.  Wisely i had not made Emma a partner in the business, our split was fueled by… let’s just say it wasn’t a happy one but i didn’t want to be anything but reasonable, so we split the cheque and parted company.

This left me sat with a healthy cheque i could either:

  • Go and spend on having some fun.
  • Hire a model and studio and have a crack at making a fun business to run.
Obviously i went with finding a model, but it was quite a decision and it took discussions with a few friends… after all going it alone into an industry and world i knew very little about was a little intimidating and after a relationship break up some crazy fun was appealing.  However, an early hours of the morning chat with a friend helped cement the decision and i put out some emails and feelers to my first model for a full shoot… and up stepped Lucy Zara.
Slimed Girl - Lucy Zara

Not just a fantastic model  – and a sex-bomb to boot – but also a very genuine, human and smart  woman that helped both myself and the site make a real impact… and gave us the foundations of what we are today.

More about Lucy and the beginnings of the sites rise next time…

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