Custard Corner: Clothes or Custard (or Cash) – JodieWednesday, January 6, 2016


We’re back in Custard Corner, and once again
we welcome another smiley bundle of feminine gorgeousness –
say “Hello” to full-time glamour model, Jodie.


Though Jodie was a clearly little nervous, we managed to persuade her to play a round of
Clothes or Custard (or maybe Cash… if you’re lucky).

The Custard Gods were truly with us this time, and we were straight off to a custardy start.


The rules are simple:
One BIG cash prize hidden inside one of 7 envelopes.
The other envelopes either instruct you to lose an item of clothing…
or cover you in CUSTARD!
You can continue playing so long as we have custard to pour!


Did Jody win the BIG cash prize?
Full video available for members to download now!


But wait! There’s more…
Members also get to see much much more of Jodie
in our bonus What Happened Next section.

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What Happened Next… JodieWednesday, January 6, 2016


Ever wanted to find out more about the girls who take part in Custard Corner?
Well now you can, as we keep the cameras rolling and show you What Happened Next.


For instance, we quiz full time glamour model Jodie and discover;
what’s it like to be a model? What some of the weirder photographers expect her to do?


Why she’s got an M&M tattooed on her ankle? And whether we can we guess her bra & dress size?


Full video available for members to download now!

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