The Game Show – Lisa Vs. CarlaThursday, January 29, 2015

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We dug deep into the archive again to find some missing treasure this week and discovered a gem. In this epic episode of the Game Show, Lisa goes up against Carla playing for a big prize… and betting with messy forfeits!

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Classic Vote: Lisa Vs CarlaSaturday, April 3, 2010

Members have the classic video in it’s newly re-rendered beauty to download now!

In this classic episode of The Vote, Lisa (orange bikini) went up against Carla… after a long public vote one of the girls was fated to be slime.

Carla lost:

On to be slimed!

 Slimed girl

Green Slimed Girl

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One for the album.Saturday, April 3, 2010

Lisa - Slimed Girl

We have been going through and reviewing the back catalogue, ready to re-edit and re-render the classic movies and came across this moment to share. After sliming carla, Lisa decided she wanted to be slimed. We looked at her funny, but we are not silly so we knocked up a couple of buckets of funky slime and let Carla and Lauren dump it on Lisa’ head… the end product?  A very happy slimed girl!

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