– Members area is updated  two to three times a month. We are taking a break from filming new material currently and cycling through the extensive back catalogue at the moment.

– There are at least 35 videos in the members area at any time, as a new video goes up, the oldest comes off.

– Video updates are available in high quality MP4 files.  By high quality, we mean they look  awesome full screen on your TV as well as on your monitor.  None of that tiny screen size or fuzzy compression nonsense.  Bandwith be hanged, we are all about the quality.

– Membership is easy to cancel and will show up as CCBill.com or CCBillEU on any statements.

– We use CCBill.com to process transactions for our subscribers as they are the best in the business and have superb customer service.  Anything to do with usernames and passwords including canceling a subscription can be taken care of HERE.

Privacy Policy

GungeGirls.com is committed to protecting your privacy. We will not sell or disclose any information that identifies you to a third party without your prior approval.

If i sign up to receive blog entries by email, will i also receive spam?

Absolutely not.  In fact we hate spam as much as you do, and take part in a program that helps track down major spammers and email harvesters.  Cool huh?

Blog updates

– We make no promises about blog update regularity, but it’s fun to do and provides us with a valid reason to take a break from playing Halo 3.

– It is not work friendly.  It hates work.  In fact it would rather be on the sofa in its underwear watching Sponge Bob and Oprah all day.

– RSS is a way of having notification and/or content directly delivered to your computer.  You can find out more about RSS here.


– Yes, the podcast is free.

– There is no schedule for the podcast, it is shot when we have both an idea and time to shoot it.

– No, we don’t understand iSlime.tv either.


– The Slime recipe is a closely guarded secret, accessible only to those closely involved in GungeGirls.com.  And cold hard cash.  Lots of.

– We do not give out contact details of the girls on the site.  It’s a big scary world out there, we are sure you understand.


– We are based in the UK.

– We do not have any employment opportunities except for models.  Not even tea boys…

– The reason we come across as disliking Windows, is because we do.

– We have been operating for 5 years.


We use Apple computers and editing software.

– Sony Cameras and Audio hardware.

– Costa Coffee, although our favourite is Peetes.

– We use Canon photographic equipment.


– We like cake.

Any other questions can be directed to GungeGirls at the Gmail dot com.

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