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Kiera’s Wardrobe MalfunctionSaturday, September 10, 2011

We simply adore Kiera. We adore her even more when her choice of clothing when visiting the studio’s increases the entertainment.

We don’t recommend the girls avoid strapless dresses or tube tops for this very reason.

Kiera slimed

Kiera being slimed with yellow slime.

Kiera struggled to keep her dress up as she was being slimed by Jess… but gravity is known for always winning!

Slimed girl Kiera

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Two New Movies For Members…Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Jess West Slimes: Amy

Amy - Girl Slimed

In our first video update this month, Jess West hosts her own new spot on the messiest site on the internet. Her chosen girl to be slimed is the very cute and expressive Amy.

Custard Corner: Ellen


This episode of custard corner introduces Ellen… the first girl to feature in Custard Corner to show concern about the possibility of the plants getting messy. As she realised she should be more worried about becoming a messy girl… she was promptly slimed.

Ellen is slimed with custard.

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