Custard Corner – DanielleMonday, June 8, 2015

Danielle 1

This week we dip into the custard archives and take another look
at cheeky brummie, Danielle

Danielle 2

Back when we shot this video
Custard Corner was a somewhat different animal;
no games, no envelopes – just a girl, in a bath, covered in custard…
though we did decide to finish Danielle off with a little squirty cream,
leading to the best quote ever:
“Are you trying to make me a trifle?”


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But wait! There’s more…
For the first time members get to see much much more of Danielle
in our bonus What Happened Next section.

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What happened next… DanielleMonday, June 8, 2015


Ever wanted to find out more about the girls who take part in Custard Corner?
Well now you can, as we keep the cameras rolling and show you What Happened Next.


For instance, we find out if cheeky brummy Danielle has ever done anything like this before,
could she have missed her vocation in life as a television presenter on the shopping channel…


…how did she come to find herself in front of our cameras, covered in custard,
and why she’s not allowed to shave her pubic hair!
(all I’m going to say is she has a vivid imagination,
and something of a warped sense of humour!)


Full video available for members to download now!

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