Podcast #6 – How Not to Make A Slime Video.Sunday, April 25, 2010

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Fi Unleashed.Friday, April 16, 2010

About to be slimed

If you have been following GungeGirls.com from early on you will recognise the rather happy looking lady as Fifi (Fi to her friends) from some of our first videos. We heard she is back in town for a while, so invited her over to shoot an episode of “Fi Unleashed” – the popular irregular series where we unleash Fi on someone with the express instructions “Make a mess!”.

So of course Fi Stevens is ALWAYS up for an episode of “Fi Unleashed” and was excited to see her friend Fi again. Unfortunately we forgot to tell Miss Stevens (Selectively forgot?)  that the other Fi would be presenting this show by way of a welcome back.

Poor Fi hadn’t planned on getting messy, and unfortunately hadn’t brought a change of clothes. Much to Fifi’s delight.

Slimed Girl

Slimed Girls

Girl Slimed

The full video is available for members… now!

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Classic: The GameShow – EllieWednesday, April 14, 2010

This classic video available to members now is an Edition of The GameShow, featuring the lovely Ellie playing to win a star prize and avoid the slime.

Unfortunately for Ellie, she didn’t avoid the slime.

About to be slimed.

Slimed Girl Ellie

In fact… Ellie ended up a rather bedraggled and slimed girl.

Ellie Slimed

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Jess Vs. MessFriday, April 9, 2010

We had a really fun day. Jess West dropped in for a chat about being on the site, and with a mixture of persuasion and bribery (mainly with cake) we talked her into taking to the chair there and then.

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Classic – Wendy and Donna at the ParkThursday, April 8, 2010

While we are on a roll this week adding classic video and pictures… well, this one is massive. We shot a small series of Wendy and Donna having fun in a local park. Out of the mess, the giggling and the tit-for-tat food throwing came three high resolution picture sets and three videos of the events. All are now available to members to download now!

Slimed Girl Wendy

Slimed Girl Donna

Our second visit to the park opened with Donna being heavily picked on by Wendy, but of course… it all went a bit wrong for Wendy as well in the end.

Donna about to be slimed.

Slimed Girl - Donna

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Classic: Fi Stevens and the Summer DressTuesday, April 6, 2010

Another classic video goes up for members.  Fi Stevens rolled into the studio’s in the middle of a hot summer wearing her new summer dress. We suggested a GREAT way to help her cool down…

Slimed Girl

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Classic Vote: Lisa Vs CarlaSaturday, April 3, 2010

Members have the classic video in it’s newly re-rendered beauty to download now!

In this classic episode of The Vote, Lisa (orange bikini) went up against Carla… after a long public vote one of the girls was fated to be slime.

Carla lost:

On to be slimed!

 Slimed girl

Green Slimed Girl

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One for the album.Saturday, April 3, 2010

Lisa - Slimed Girl

We have been going through and reviewing the back catalogue, ready to re-edit and re-render the classic movies and came across this moment to share. After sliming carla, Lisa decided she wanted to be slimed. We looked at her funny, but we are not silly so we knocked up a couple of buckets of funky slime and let Carla and Lauren dump it on Lisa’ head… the end product?  A very happy slimed girl!

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Classic Slimed Girls: JennyFriday, April 2, 2010

Jenny before being slimed.

Well, it’s easter. So what better way to do something or other than start making the GungeGirls.com back catalogue available for members to download? Well. A wheel barrow full of cash could be better, but we have the next best thing: The adorable Jenny.

Jenny came to visit us, and we greeted her very cheerful and fresh faced self by dumping a lot of custard over her head… followed by a trifle.

Then more custard. Because that’s how we pour.

Slimed Girl

Jenny: Slimed Girl

Custard covered girl.

This is the start of a project aiming to get the back catalogue of video’s onto the site. Look out for more over the weekend!

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Sammie And The Dress.Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sammie brought her new dress to the studio to show off. So of course we helped her out with the perfect slime to accompany it…

Slimed Girl Sammie

Slimed Girl

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