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Amber returns…Friday, March 6, 2009

Amber has become a favorite with members and public alike for sure, and with good reason. Energetic, expressive and cute. And again… Slimed.

She has become very eager to come work for the site, and frankly, we are keen to have her fully onboard. However we can’t tell her that just yet, as we wouldn’t be able to have her jump through hoops to gain a title…

The video is now available to members, so roll along and check it out…

Also, if you haven’t already been bombarded to death by Twitter already… we have a feed rolling. I have been playing with Twitter for quite a while figuring out and learning how to use it properly and i think i have it down. Following us you should get a good insight as to how we roll, what’s going on in bursts of real time… as well as previews to whatever i am working on, invites to test things as the year progresses and the occasional free video. I promise i will NEVER tweet what i just had for breakfast.

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